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Dorelio RoveraOne of the pure joys in pipe smoking is the Ardor pipe, and it is surely one of the finest-yet at the same time-most affordable Italian pipes on the marketplace today. Ardor is the invention of the Rovera family, and its origins begin in Varese, Italy in 1911. Originally four brothers (Frederico, Carlo, Cornelio and Franscesco) started the company which would become known as Ardor, and produced many pipes that have become popular throughout Europe, and now, the United States. Ardor pipes are world renowned for their incredible smoking properties and stunning looks. Ardor innovation is a direct result of strict attention to detail in a number of areas such as endless and immeasurable devotion to the craft, rigorous attention to detail, and the procurement of the best briar possible to make the perfect Ardor pipe.
(Pictured Above: Dorelio Rovera)
The attention to detail and the fine craftsmanship that you would expect to see in a high quality pipe are all present in the Ardor. They are available in a number of lines including but not limited to, smooth & natural (Venere),carved (Meteora), and sandblasted(Sabbiata). Ardor pipes come in over 365 shapes and are carved by father Dorelio Rovera (pictured above) and his son Damiano (pictured right). The name "Ardor" is a combination of the initials of Dorelio Rovera's father Angelo Rovera "AR" and Dorelio himself "DOR". Be sure to click on the links above to view Ardor images and see representative samples of the product, and also on the shape chart as well as the history.Damiano Rovera
(Pictured Above: Damiano Rovera)
Ardor Giant Image2006 Chicago Pipe Show Ardor Display
(Pictured Above: a stellar example of a Urano Roccia "Super Giant" being smoked by John Morrison)(Pictured above is John Morrison's incredible collection of Ardor Giant pipes that was on display in the 2006 Ardor Pipe Show. This may be one of the finest Ardor collections in the world)

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