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   Karsten Tarp, world famous Danish pipe artisan, began making pipes as a young man under the careful eye of Viggo Nielsen at the Bari factory in Denmark. Karsten studied and learned his craft with endless passion and love of the briar. After years with Viggo, Karsten began making pipes at his own studio. He soon developed a loyal following and demand throughout Europe. For this reason, very few of his pipes made their way to the US. 

  Today Karsten is still making his own pieces, but has set up his workshop with Kai Nielsen at Kai's studio. Karsten is known for his incredible designs and his "Bulldog" is considered to be among the best in the industry. He uses only the best briar available from Corsica and Italy. His mouthpieces are handmade from cumberland, vulcanite and acrylic. 

  Karsten grades his pipes using names of Viking ships - Batr, Snigge, Skuder, & Drakar (lowest to highest). He also makes signature shapes like the "Elephant Trunk" which are both beautiful and unique. We are very proud to be able to offer these fine Karten Tarp pipes.

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