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Karsten Tarp at workThe name Karsten Tarp is frequently heard in pipe circles worldwide as one of the finest carvers to come out of Denmark. Although, until recently,  you couldn't find a Karsten Tarp pipe in the United States. We are thrilled to say this is no longer the case. Now is your chance to see what magic he has wrought throughout Europe (and the rest of the world for that matter). 
His pipes represent some of the finest craftsmanship to grace the pipe market of late and his influence is quickly rising.

His gift is evident at first glance. He is a quick study and prized pupil of Danish Renaissance Master Carver Viggo Nielsen-who-along with several select Danish carvers such as Anne Julie and Sixten Ivarsson, thirty years ago vastly contributed to the evolution of the creative fabric of pipe carving.

Karsten is just the kind of talent that can yet again wow the most demanding of pipe enthusiasts. His many breathtaking depictions of the Bulldog shape have earned him praise and repute throughout the pipe smoking world. His grading system is a novel tribute to the Danish Viking Ancestry. Add to the panoply of shapes, designs, and grades his signature creations such as the "Elephant Trunk" design. Danish aficionados-look no further for the latest and greatest of new talents!

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