The 2010 Ardor "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest Winning Essay!

Congratulations to Mike Landavere of Catonsville, Maryland!!!

Steve Monjure and Mike Landavere

The Winning Essay:

Mike's Favorite Model: Ardor Urano Canadian

Why Mike Loves His Ardor Pipe:
"We were deciding whether or not to move forward with adopting twin girls from Ethiopia. During this soul searching time I found myself journaling about my thoughts and feelings. On one particular evening I reached for my Ardor Urano Canadian and began to write. With each puff all my fears and concerns about becoming a first time parent seemed to evaporate. As I smoked my Ardor pipe, my words and feelings went from fear and concern to a calm sense of hope and purpose. I was brought to a place where all things are possible. I now have two beautiful twin girls. I am convinced they are the most precious things on the planet and my life has meaning and purpose. Do I have Ardor and Steve Monjure to thank for this life changing event? I leave that up to you!"

Congratulations Mike!!! We are proud of you bro!

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