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Meet three of Italy's most talented and respected pipe carvers, Dorelio, Damiano and now Dimitri Rovera in pictures along with family members. Now is your chance to get to see the people behind some of the most sought out pipes in Italy. The story, in pictures, is a tale of hard work, love, and timeless tradtion. Be sure to read the intriguing history of the Ardor pipe on the Ardor pipe history page.

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Ardor Image 18 - Petronilla (Damiano's Mother)
Petronilla Rovera (Dorelio's Mother)

Ardor Image 19 - Rovera's At Lunch

Lunch At The Rovera's -
L-R: Dorelio, Petronilla, Tamara(housekeeper) and Maria Lina

Ardor Image 20 - Damiano's Giant Pipe

Damiano With Soon To Be Giant
Ardor Image 21 - Dorelio Cutting Bowl
Dorelio Cutting A Bowl

Ardor Image 22 - Dorelio Dmitri and Damiano

Dorelio, Dimitri, and Damiano In The Workshop

Ardor Image 23 - Dmitri and Dorelio
Dimitri and Dorelio Holding Briar Blocks For New Giants

Ardor Image 24 - Dorelio At Bandsaw
Dorelio At Bandsaw
Ardor Image 25 - Straight Grain Giant
Newly Finished Straight Grain Giant
Ardor Image 26 - Venere Due Punti
Venere Due Punti (Two Dot)
Ardor Image 27 - Ardor Venere Pair
Pair Of Venere Due Punti's
Ardor Image 28 - Damiano Cutting Pipe
Damiano At Cutting Wheel

Ardor Image 29 - Damiano Poses
Damiano Poses For The Camera

Ardor Image 30 - Damiano Family
Ricky and Roby Rovera (Damiano's son and wife)

Ardor Image 2 - Damiano Rovera

Damiano Rovera at the Sanding

Ardor Image 3 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio Rovera, In
the Company Store
Ardor Image 4 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio, At
the Cutting Wheel

Ardor Image 5 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio, Drilling a
Bowl/Tobacco Chamber

Ardor Image 6 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio, At the
Ardor Image 7 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio, At
the Sanding Wheel
Ardor Image 8 - Ardor Family
The Roveras Outside Their
Shop Near Varese Italy
Ardor Image 9 - Damiano Rovera
Damiano, Buffing Another
Super Pipe
Ardor Image 10 - Dorelio Rovera
Dorelio Cutting a
Block of Briar
Ardor Image 11 - Roveras and Grandchild
Dorelio and Marialina's
Grandson, Ricardo
(Damiano and Roberta's Son)
Ardor Image 8 - Ardor RTDA 2000
From RTDA 2000 in San Antonio
(pictured L-to-R):
Damiano Rovera, George Brissie,
and Dorelio Rovera
Ardor Image 13 - Angelo Work Bench
Angelo Rovera's Work
Table (Father of
Ardor Image 14 - Dorelio Sanding
Dorelio Rovera,
Hard at Work
Ardor Image 15 - Dorelio and Petronilla
Left: Petronilla Rovera (Mother of
Right: Dorelio Rovera
Ardor Image 16 - Damiano Sanding
Damiano, Sanding a Pipe
Ardor Image 17 - Damiano and Parents
(Pictured L-to-R):
Dorelio, Marialina, and
Damiano Rovera
Ardor Image 1 - Damiano Rovera
Damiano Rovera, holding what
will be 'Giants'

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