Rinaldo Photo Album

In 1987 the Rinaldo pipe carving brothers started an ambitious Pipe Company that proudly bears their last name. Today they are revered around the world for their stunning creations in briar. After both Elio and Guido Rinaldo started carving pipes in the mid '70s they have never looked back. Each briar creation is a testimony to pipe-making where all facets of the process are constructed totally by hand. In the pictures show below, you will get a special glimpse of them in the workshop and outside of it (with a little bit of Italy in the background). Enjoy the pictures!!

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Rinaldo Image 21 - Guido and Elio in caps
Guido & Elio Rinaldo Sporting New Rinaldo Caps

Rinaldo Image 22 - Elio and Pipe
Elio With a Finished Pipe
Guido Makes Notes
Guido Making Notes On Oom-Paul

Elio Packing Bowl
Elio Packing a Bowl

Elio and Guido relaxing
Elio & Guido Rinaldo Enjoying a Cappuccino and Smoke
Steve In Pesaro
Steve Smoking a Rinaldo and Enjoying the Beautiful Pesaro Countryside
Guido and Scenery
Guido Relaxing With One Of His Fine Briar Creations
Elio Resting
Elio Sits With Pipe...Reflecting
Guido Reaches Summit
Guido Reaches the Top Of the Mountain

Mikala and Daughter
Mikala With Daughter At "Il Vicariato", a Castle Hotel/Restaurant Which She Manages and That Sells Rinaldo Pipes

Rinaldo Group Picture
L-to-R: Elio, Steve, Mikala, & Guido at "Il Vicariato"

Mikala Enjoying Pipe
Mikala Smoking a Rinaldo

Rinaldo Image 1 - Elio Rinaldo
Elio Rinaldo Stamping
a Pipe

Rinaldo Image 2 - Guido Rinaldo Pumping Iron
Guido Rinaldo Staying
in Shape
Rinaldo Image 3 - Elio Rinaldo By the Fire
Elio Rinaldo Resting
By 'The Fire' at the
'Pasqualon Restaurante'
Rinaldo Image 4 - Elio Rinaldo and Steve Monjure
Elio and Steve Monjure
Outside the 'Pasqualon Restaurante'
Rinaldo Image 5 - Steve, Elio, and Guido in the Workshop
From L-to-R:
Guido Rinaldo, Steve Monjure,
and Elio Rinaldo at Their Workshop
Rinaldo Image 6 - Elio Rinaldo and Paint Can
Elio Playing the
'Stain Can'

Rinaldo Image 7 - Steve and Guido Playing the Guitar
Guido Playing Guitar
at the Workshop
Rinaldo Image 8 - Guido Playing the Guitar
Guido Composing an Ode
to Beauty in Briar

Rinaldo Image 9 - Elio Rinaldo at the Sanding Wheel
Elio At the Sanding Wheel

Rinaldo Image 10 - Guido Rinaldo at the Sanding Wheel
Guido At the Sanding Wheel
Rinaldo Image 11 - Elio Holding the Finished Product
Voila!!! Elio Proudly Presents
Another Stellar Briar Creation
Rinaldo Image 8 - Elio Rinaldo Sanding a Pipe
Elio Examining His Work of Art
In Progress
Rinaldo Image 13 - Guido At Work
Guido at Work Shaping a Piece
Rinaldo Image 14 - Elio, Guido and Fountain
Elio and Guido in front of
the Fountain at
'Piazza de Pesaro'
Rinaldo Image 15 - Elio Rinaldo Smoking
Elio Rinaldo: Eminent
Pipe Sculptor

Rinaldo Image 16 - Elio Rinaldo Smoking
Guido Rinaldo: Distinguished
Pipe Artisan

Rinaldo Image 17 - Guido at Work
Elio Shaping A
Briar 'Ebauchon' Block

Rinaldo Image 18 - Guido Stamping Pipe
Guido Rinaldo Stamping a Pipe

Elio and Guido Rinaldo
Elio and Guido Sizing Up
the Finished Product
Elio Guido and Steve Monjure
Elio, Guido, and
Steve Monjure

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