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Monjure International is the US distributor of fine hand-made Italian, German, Portuguese, and Danish pipes. We also carry a selection of premium tobaccos from R. L. Will, James Fox, Brebbia, and Robert Lewis as well as Brebbia accessories. Thanks for visiting and please be sure to browse through the pipe and tobacco listings and contact us if you have any comments or questions.
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pipe_splash.jpg (10567 bytes)A PIPE SELECTION BEYOND COMPARE!
We at Monjure International are privileged to import into the United States some of the finest hand crafted briar pipes to come out of Italy, Germany, and Denmark. Featured in this fantastic array are the immaculate works of Ardor Pipes (Italy), Kai & Viggo Nielsen Pipes (Denmark), Karsten Tarp Pipes (Denmark), Svend Hangaard Pipes (Denmark), Rinaldo Pipes (Italy), Reiner Pipes (Germany), Joao Reis Pipes (Portugal), and Brebbia pipes (Italy).

tbc_splash.jpg (11710 bytes)THE JOYS OF LUXURY TOBACCOS!
Not only do we feature a superb assortment of pipes, but we also feature a prodigious selection of premium tobaccos from around the world. Whether it is the exclusive tinned blends of Germany's R.L. Will (Reiner & Solani), England's Robert Lewis & J.J. Fox, or Italy's Brebbia, rest assured that quality is of paramount important to us. We have something for everyone's taste as well. The Fox and Lewis line of tobacco's are world-renowned English blends. The Reiner and Solani series of tobacco's feature several of the finest Virginia blends on the market today. That is not to leave out the palatable gourmet aromatics of both Solani and Brebbia!


Tobaccopipes.com imageFEATURED! Monjure International pipes on TobaccoPipes.com(9/03/18)
For a fine online selection of Ardor, Rinaldo and Brebbia pipes, please visit the fine folks of tobaccopipes.com. They are your one stop for all of your pipe smoking needs!

Rinaldo Spring 2012 Pipe AdFEATURED! Our Spring 2012 Rinaldo Ad!!! (A Web Exclusive!!!)(2/27/12)
We are celebrating 25 years of brilliant briar artistry with the Rinaldo brothers by offering a phenomenal, wide array of splendid designs that have become cornerstones for their world-renowned artistry. Here we have the Sahara, the Triade, the Fiamata Odissea, and new pieces in from their famed Pasqualon collection-a beautiful and unique new take on the Bulldog shape. Salivating yet? Click here or on the thumbnail to the left to view these remarkable new additions to our Rinaldo pipe museum. What are you waiting for?!? Now is the time to add one to your collection! You will be glad you did!

Winter 2012 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Winter 2012 P&T Ad: An Ardor Christmas!(9/26/11)
Fall has arrived and we have said goodbye to the searing heat of Summer and hello to the warmth of the embers of the fireplace and, with that, the timeless smoking experience of a brand new Ardor pipe. The perfect stocking stuffer comes in the form of two fabulous new installments in Ardor's briar bureau: the 2011 Ardor Christmas Pipe and the Ardor Sherlock Holmes Series XIII Calabash. It is an elementary notion to feel the most cheerful emotion when finding these pipes underneath the tree on Christmas morn! Click here or on the thumbnail above to catch a sneak peek of the Winter 2012 P&T Magazine issue Ad to see what Santa has in store for you this Christmas!

Fall 2011 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Fall 2011 P&T Ad: Rinaldo Leads the Pack...Again!(7/6/11)
So you think you've seen it all, eh? You've thumbed through that last P&T issue and you've seen every pipe shape on every web site and catalog. You think it has all been done before and the Past is prologue for things to come...and you think you have already seen the ideal Bulldog, Apple or Billiard shape. Well, scratch that notion from your mind!!! In the upcoming Fall issue of P&T Magazine we will unveil new, refined, and staggering ways Rinaldo tantallizes the senses of sight and touch that are sure to delight and fascinate even the most seasoned pipe collector. However, you don't have to wait...we have a sneak preview for you right here...today! When it comes time to make history, Rinaldo leads the pack. Click here or on the thumbnail above to catch a sneak peek of the Fall 2011 P&T Magazine issue Ad and see the Present and Future of Pipes in the here and now!

Summer 2011 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Summer 2011 P&T Ad: the Sykes Wilford & 100 year Ardor Pipe(4/25/11)
We have a treat in store for you! The Chicago Pipe Show is just around the corner as well as the latest addition of P&T Magazine. With that comes some serious new creations from our phenomenal pipe carver friends at Ardor! We are introducing two new special series of pipes which we believe will leave you breathless (between puffs of a particularly good tobacco, of course!) He we unveil the new Ardor Sykes Wilford Bulldog and the Ardor 100th Anniversary Pipe!!!!! Here are two new designs which will dazzle the eyes and makes the taste buds soar. Your collecton is not complete without one of these pipes in your collection!  Click on this link or the thumbnail above to see the latest Ad for Ardor in Pipes & Tobacco Magazine. Ardor is where it's at!!!

Mike Landavere and Steve MonjureUPDATE! The 2010 Ardor "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest Winning Essay: (12/19/10)-  Congratulations are in order for Mike Landavere of Catonsville, Maryland-this years winner of the Ardor "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest. His eloquent entry touched us here at Monjure International and we print for the first time here his award-winning essay. Click here to read the winning essay.

UPDATE! The 2010 Ardor "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest Winners: (11/07/10)  The wait is over!  We are proud to announce the winners of the 2010 edition of the "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest.  A list of the winners can be viewed by clicking here.

Fall 2010 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Winter 2011 P&T Magazine Ad: An Ardor Christmas!:(10/17/10)
Yep, another year has come and gone fair Briar Brethren. As Summer fades to Fall and Fall relents to Winter, the warmth of a great tobacco pipe is essential to warm to the Heart & Soul. Ardor has graced us once again this holiday season with the latest and quite possibly greatest Sherlock Holmes Series XII Calabash Pipe. When you see the ad, you will at once see this brilliant modification of the Calabash shape. Not only that, but we are introducing the Ardor Limited Edition 2010 Christmas Pipe as well. Last but not least, check out the stunning rendition of the Discus shape by Ardor in the natural Venere finish. There is something here to treasure for pipe smokers of all discriminating tastes.  Click on this link or the thumbnail above to see the latest Ad for Ardor in Pipes & Tobacco Magazine. Ardor is where it's at!!!

Fall 2010 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Fall 2010 P&T Magazine Ad: Rinaldo, Rinaldo, Rinaldo!:(07/29/10)
Elio and Guido Rinaldo of Rinaldo pipes keep themselves very busy. They work very hard to provide not only the ultimate in pipe design but the ultimate pipe smoking experience. Gazing at one of their briars alone is enough to make the pipe smokers heart melt and mouth water, but this isn't enough to make a great pipe. So, Rinaldo brothers toil on-making a great looking pipe yet duly (and dually) a phenomenal smoking pipe. That ensures your experience is as good as it gets. Believe us when we say when you smoke a Rinaldo you are getting the full package in Italian pipes. Click on this link or the thumbnail above to see the latest Ad for Rinaldo in Pipes & Tobacco Magazine. Rinaldo will leave you saying, Molte Grazie!!!

2010 Why I Love My Ardor Pipe AdFEATURED! The "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest Returns!!!: (04/26/10)
Oh Ardor, My Ardor! The long wait is over! You have been asking for it. Well, now you've got it!  We eagerly announce the long awaited return of the "Why I Love My Ardor Pipe" Contest. This very special 2010 edition of the popular competition is featured in the upcoming Summer 2010 Edition of Pipe & Tobacco Magazine.  You can see the Summer 2010 P&T Magazine Ad here first! Included in the ad are official contest rules with directions on how to submit your entry by mail. However, you can also submit your entry online and that would definitely save the cost of a postage stamp. Have your typing digits ready, because are giving away an Ardor Venere Due Punti (2-Dot) pipe (valued at $1200).  It doesn't stop there as we will be giving away a total of six new Ardor pipes! So what are you waiting for? Place your entry online today and tell us why your Ardor pipe is one of your favorite briar pipes. We would love to hear from you!

2010 P&T Magazine Ad: The Danish InvasionFEATURED! Spring 2010 P&T Magazine Ad: "The Danish Invasion"!:(01/26/10)
Much of the US is buried in Winter's Deep Freeze. However, our good friends across the Atlantic-the Danes-have melted our hearts once again for their singular jewels: their bevvy of brilliant briar creations. This latest arrival features the Alpha and Omega of three premiere Danish carvers Kai Nielsen, Karsten Tarp and Svend Hangaard (and one superb Portuguese carver of Danish tutelage: Joao Reis). Whether you are an enthusiast of classical designs or extravagant shapes, these fine Gents are at the pinnacle of the craft of pipe creativity!  Click on the thumnail above or on the link here to view the pieces that make all pipe enthusiasts jump for joy!

Quality Leather Goods
 NEW GIANT/XL Size Leather 4-Pipe Bag (MI277) (12/28/09)

The Titan of all Pipe Pouches has arrived!!!  We have just received a shipment of what will surely be one of the biggest and most versatile Pipe Bags to reach the pipe scene in quite some time! So you say that your collection includes some of the largest and loveliest pipes around but don't have anything that can hold those precious pieces of pipe art? Well, try this pipe pouch on for size!!! With a length of 16 1/2 inches, a width of 13 1/2 inches, and a depth of 4 1/2 inches, this superb leather bag has ample room to store the briar that begs for more elbow room. As for its versatility it has a removable shoulder strap, a removable leather box pouch, and additional slots for pipe cleaners, lighter and tamper. To read more about this wonderful addition to our accessories inventory and see additional pictures of it, visit both the Pipe Pouches & Bags page and the items listing in the shopping carts Accessories Page.  Large pipe lovers, your search is no longer in vain!

Quality Leather GoodsUPDATE! NEW Premium Leather Goods: (11/21/09)
We proudly introduce a splendid cornucopia of premium quality leather goods into the pipe market. This supreme collection of pipe bags and tobacco pouches feature a wide array of streamlined features that will allow the ardent pipe smoker to take his valued pipe possessions wherever he goes. Whether it is a 1-pipe pouch or an 11-pipe bag, we have it in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Not only that, many items feature removable inserts for both pipe and tobacco.  Be assured that you will travel in ultimate style and comfort with these special keepsakes that you will not want to be without.  Click on the image above or this link to view the selection. All size information and list of features are available for each accessory can be viewed in the shopping cart here.  Enjoy!

Svend Hangaard - Danish Pipe CarverUPDATE! NEW Svend Hangaard Danish Handmade Pipes: (11/02/09)
Boy, do we have something special for you! We have recently had the privilege of introducing into the United States the brilliant new pipes from one of Denmak's new major pipe carving talents, Svend Hangaard. He is a protege of the revered young Portuguese master Joao Reis as well as Denmark's Kai Nielsen and Karsten Tarp. Mr. Hangaard has fulfilled a lifelong dream of carving pipes professionally and he has succeeded in a major way! In honor of this introduction to the US market, we have a brand new web page devoted to all things Svend Hangaard. Please visit and discover for yourself the majesty of his far-reaching talents! For more information and samples of his work, click here to visit the Svend Hangaard pipe page for details. This is a talent to be reckoned with!

Ardor '09 Christmas Pipe 2010 Winter P&T AdFEATURED! Winter 2010 P&T Magazine Article featuring Ardor!:(10/10/09)
Guess what? Another issue of P&T Magazine is upon us and that means another ad featuring the brilliant craftsmanship of Ardor pipes! Featured in this latest issue of P&T are two new lines added to Ardor's brilliant symphony of briar designs. First of all, Ardor is introducing this years latest installment in the now legendary Christmas pipe series: the 2009 Ardor Christmas Pipe. Not only that, but the Rovera's are bringing to light their newest incarnation in the Sherlock Holmes series: the Sherlock Holmes Series XI Calabash. You think you've seen it all? Take a sneak peek at this Wonderland of pipe euphoria by clicking on the thumbnail above or on the link here.  Cue those sleigh bells!

Bourbon Street ImageTHANK YOU! (08/21/09)
We would like to thank all those kind retail tobacconists that visited our suite in New Orleans.  We appreciate your support and value your business and friendship.  Because of you, we had a wonderful show.  We also thank the many that said the Ardor, Rinaldo and Brebbia pipes were the best at the show. These fine pipe companies provided us with incredible pipes to offer.  We look forward to working with you during the year and also seeing you next year in the "Big Easy".  Molte Grazie!

Ardor Damiano Rovera Summer 2009 P&T AdFEATURED! Summer 2009 P&T Magazine Article featuring Damiano Rovera!:(08/20/09)
If you are an Ardor fan then you know probably know of Damiano Rovera: one half of the dynamic one-two punch in Italy taking the pipe world by storm. Well, he has really come into his own as of late (and we emphasize really). His pipe artistry is consistent with some of the finest around and pipe afficionados in the US are taking scrupulous notice. Recently, the vaunted trade publication P&T Magazine published a long, intriguing article on the latest (and possibly greatest) in a long line of Rovera pipe carvers: Damiano Rovera. If you missed the Summer 2009 issue of P&T, do not despair, because you can read it here.

Ardor Damiano Rovera Summer 2009 P&T AdFEATURED! Fall 2009 P&T Magazine Ad featuring Ardor pipes: (07/12/09)
If you have-by now-smoked an Ardor pipe you have probably asked yourself the question: Where does Ardor get all of their wonderful briar? That seems to be the six million dollar question nowadays. True enough, the dynamite duo of Dorelio and Damiano Rovera know how to select briar with unparalleled precision. A considerable part of the equation is what they do with the briar after procuring it. They air-cure all briar for a minimum of ten years. This is one way you know you are getting one of the finest smoking instruments available. From there, each piece is individually sculpted by expert hands into a brilliant and functional work of art. By clicking here or on the thumbnail to the upper-left, you can see a sneak preview of the latest and greatest of offerings from the fine folks of Ardor. If you haven't tried an Ardor pipe, what are you waiting for?

Massimiliano Usai Cobra Tamper thumbnailSALE! All Massimiliano Usai Tampers are available at a special price for a limited time only!
(Carved Cobra pictured above. One of three Cobra designs in stock) - (04/23/09) Italian tamper sculptor Massimiliano Usai is a fastidious designer of high artistic merit and one which has only lately graced the American pipe and tobacco scene. He uses ram and black water buffalo horn with polished Damascus steel and fashions them into brilliant works of art. All pieces he creates are inspirations from the Animal Kingdom. Whether he is carving a fish, horse or Buffalo, he is never out of his capacity to fashion a realistic depiction from Nature that aficionados of fine art and tamper craftsmanship can appreciate. So, as a very special, limited time, introductory promotion, we are offering  $55 off the retail price of all Massimiliano Usai tampers in stock! Take advantage of this special opportunity to add to your vaunted collection a special piece of craftsmanship that you will be proud to own!

Ardor Damiano Rovera Summer 2009 P&T AdFEATURED! Summer 2009 P&T Magazine Damiano Rovera Ad Sneek Peek: (04/23/09)
Wow! How Damiano Rovera has grown!!! The young apprentice for Ardor is emerging as one of the finest carvers in Italy. We have been thunderstruck by the brilliant designs that we have seen from Dorlelio's gifted son of late and this is no streak of good luck that he has been on either. It is a striking example of Damiano's continual and consistent evolution as a pipe carver of the highest caliber.  By clicking here or on the thumbnail to the upper-left, you can see live and in living color the pipe carving genius Damiano has wrought of late. As you will note in the images, the perfect symbiosis of function and style is in full display. Any of these pieces will definitely provide the discerning pipe smoker brilliant shapes, craftsmanship, and the superb briar that will have them floating on a cloud-nine of smoke for many, many hours. When it comes to Italian mastery, Damiano Rovera and Ardor are extremely difficult to beat.

Brebbia Avanti Apple AD602FEATURE! Your investment is protected: (04/03/09)
We here at Monjure International are proud of the vaunted pipe lines that we carry. We think that they are some of the finest smoking pipes available on the market today. That is why we guarantee all pipes that we sell. (Read the Warranty Terms and Conditions here). Any pipe that we deem defective we will repair or replace within one (1) year of the purchase date.  Mouthpieces are not normally subject to warranty replacement unless they are found to have a manufacturer defect. But please note, this warranty does not cover any pipes which were purchased outside of the United States (our distribution area). If you purchase a particular brand of pipe we carry outside the US, you will need to negotiate repair or replacement with the establishment that you purchased the pipe from. 

Karsten Tarp BulldogUPDATE! NEW Joao Reis Pipes: (03/04/09)
So you say you've seen all there is to see in pipe carving, eh? That is only because you haven't seen the latest pipes from famed Portuguese pipe carver Joao Reis. In the most recent shipment we have received from Mr. Reis, we were graced with both classical and freehand designs which literally boggle the mind. While his classical shapes are precision smoking instruments which will certainly bring joy to any tobacco enhusiast, his freehand artistry is an ardent topic of discussion among connoisseurs worldwide. When you visit the Joao Reis Pipe Image Page you will see what we are talking about.  His freehand designs represent a mind-shattering array of the familiar and the unique. In this set we have Joao's brilliant interpretation of Bo Nordh's classic Elephant's Foot design. He makes excursions into the most intricate Danish and German designs appear second nature. Then, when you thought you have seen all there is to see, he takes you to another level with designs that can be best described as those which are truly Joao Reis pipes (i.e. the Beaver Tail). So, what are you waiting for!?!?!? Check them out!!!

Karsten Tarp BulldogUPDATE! NEW Karsten Tarp Danish Handmade Pipes: (03/01/09)
Well, we did it again! Add to our impressive array of functional and trendsetting pipes from around the world the esteemed Danish pipe-carving talent Karsten Tarp.  Mr. Tarp learned the craft from Danish pipe renaissance legend Viggo Nielsen and is a talent to be reckoned with throughout Europe and the rest of the world. His pipes are now available in the United States in a plethora of breathtaking shapes and finishes. His rendition of the Bulldog shape is one of the best around. For more information and samples of his work, be sure to visit the Karsten Tarp pipe page for details. Here is a talent you don't want to miss!

Massimiliano Usai Tampers and Ardor TampersUPDATE! New Handmade Tampers!: (01/28/09)
We at Monjure International are only too happy to introduce new special pipes and accessories which, up until now, have not been available in the United States. We (oh so) proudly introduce two new lines of quality handmade pipe tampers which are sure to dazzle and impress lovers of the aesthetic and functional alike. The first tamper-carver is an Italian gentleman named Massimiliano Usai who makes specialized tampers out of ram and black water buffalo horn with polished Damascus steel.  Our second manufacturer is well-known to their many admirers around the world. They are the fine pipe carvers at Ardor and they make extraordinary carved briar tampers with brass and polished metal fittings. These special pieces come in a splendid array of shapes and are highly limited in quantity. Leather sheaths come with tampers of both carvers.  Your pipe, tobacco, and accessory collection is incomplete without one of these very special pieces. Please click on the links above to see examples and learn more about these incredible designs.

Fall 2008 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Spring 2009 P&T Magazine Rinaldo Ad: (01/20/09)
Buried under several feet of snow? Shivering uncontrollably as the thermostat plummets below zero? Spring Fever is affecting all of us one way or another and Spring's thaw can't come soon enough. Our philosophy is simple...why not bring Spring into the cold of Winter? How do you do this you say? One of the Rinaldos featured in our P&T 2009 Spring Ad can surely melt the blood and warm the heart like nothing else.  Click on this link to see the warmth of pure inspiration.

Solani White and Black and Reiner Long Golden Flake reviewsUPDATE! Brebbia 10 Pipe Assortment: (01/18/09)
News flash: Our Brebbia 10 Pipe Assortment page has just been updated to include a series of new models that exhibit the pinnacle of comfort and style. Take for instance the pipe thumbnail shown above, which is the new Brebbia AD602 Avanti  model. This piece has a stunning etched/carved line extending down its back side to go with a fine deep brown finish. The other newly pictured pieces are also exemplars of their respective shapes and all have that special brand of Brebbia pipe smoking magic that goes into all Brebbia pipes. Click here or on the thumbnail above to go straight to the Brebbia 10 Pipe Assortment Page.

Solani White and Black and Reiner Long Golden Flake reviewsFEATURED! P&T Magazine reviews two MI tobacco favorites!: (12/15)
Pipe and Tobacco Magazine, the bastion for all things of our beloved trade has, in the 'Trial By Fire' section of the latest (Winter 2009) issue has kindly taken the time to review Solani White & Black and Reiner Long Golden Flake-two of our treasured tobacco blends.  The results of Harb and Gage's assessments were similar to our own. In other words, they were extremely conducive to the discriminating pipe smokers satisfaction. Be sure to read the reviews by clicking on the thumbnail or link above and by all means-smoke this amazing tobacco!!!

Fall 2008 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Winter 2009 P&T Magazine Ardor Ad: (10/22)
Tis' the season once again to light up the tree and the pipe. Father Christmas is envious too, because poor Saint Nick never had pipes like these... (hence the blush in his rosy cheeks) Well, we know what Santa will be getting for Christmas at least. How about the new Ardor Sherlock Holmes Series X Calabash or The Ardor 2008 Christmas Pipe? Check them out here! "Me-erry Christmas!!!"

Elio and Guido RinaldoUPDATE!
Ardor and Rinaldo Photo Album Updates: (9/07)
We have a visual treat for you!!! The venerable Steve Monjure recently spent some time in Italy with the world-renowned pipe carvers of Ardor and Rinaldo. Lucky for us, he took a splendid array of pictures that feature the pipe carvers at their respective atelier studios working on their vaunted creations with the historic beauty of the Pesaro countryside as the backdrop to their abundantly inspired works of genius. So what are you waiting for? Check out the following links that will take you to a set of images you will not soon forget.  ENJOY!!!
-The Ardor Photo Album Update (09/07/08)
-The Rinaldo Photo Album Update (09/07/08)

Fall 2008 P&T Magazine AdFEATURED! Fall 2008 P&T Magazine Ad Sneak Peek: (6/20)
In the Fall 2008 issue of P&T Magazine we proudly sing the endorsements of three featured pipe artisans that dare to ascend to the top of the competitive pipe carving hill: Ardor, Rinaldo, and Joao Reis. Ardor and Rinaldo you may well recognize as icons among the Italian pipe panoply. They easily impress with their vaunted lines and incredible shapes. However, we also sing the praises of another pipe carver that we are duly proud to represent and that is Joao Reis, the Portuguese phenomenon that is wowing the world with his work. When you check out this ad you will see what we are talking about.  We believe that there is nothing outside the realm of his abilities. Enjoy!

Brebbia Calvados Mixture No. 110NEW! Brebbia introduces its latest blend: Calvados Mixture No. 110: (6/19)
Brebbia is well known world-wide as a connoisseur of fine pipes, pipe accessories, and tobaccos. Their selection of fine English blends and tasty aromatics is supplemented by their latest addition- Calvados. You can read the detailed description by clicking here or on the thumbnail above. Brebbia "Calvados" offers the domain of pipe tobacco a flavor unlike many available today. It comprises of a stellar concotion of Virginias and Burleys flavored with superior French Brandy distilled from apples. It is unique, flavorful, and downright delicious. This is a special treat for discerning taste buds and a blend that you will want to make a mainstay in your rotation. Bon Appetit!

Ardor Summer 2008 Ad thumbFEATURED! Ardor Summer 2008 P&T Magazine Ad: (4/26)
Scientists have spent centuries gazing upon all of the stars in the night sky but have never been able to bridge the vast vacuum that stands in between. The problem with that is, who needs to reach the stars when Ardor brings a little bit of heaven to your doorstep? Featured in the upcoming Summer 2008 Issue of Pipe and Tobacco Magazine (with the exclusive preview here), the carvers Rovera have fasioned Heavenly Briars inspired by objects in the celestial sphere. That includes Meteoras, Uranos, and Mercurios...and more!  Click here or on the image above to check out the ad.

Rinaldo Fall 2007 Ad thumbFEATURE! New Study on Cats and Health: (2/27)
A new study suggests that cat owners are less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than those that do not own cats.  The study, by reasearchers at the University Of Minnesota, found that those who do not have cats were 30-40% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those with cats. There are 90 million cats owned in the US and 36% of US households (38.4 million) own at least one cat and 56% own more than one cat. We think that this information is something to howl about. "Meow!"

Bear Graves smoking Ardor GiantFEATURE! All Good Things come to 'Bear': (1/22)
After a hard day of pillaging, Bear Graves chooses to relax with an Ardor Super Giant pipe. And we can be sure that the mighty men and Gods of Norse lore have nothing on Bear's briar beaut - including the envious and attentive gaze of Thor, Odin, Scyld Scefing, Unferth, Hrothgar-(hell) even Beowulf himself. So, whether you are partying in the nearest Mead Hall with a flagon of grog, are sailing the high seas ten leagues from Nova Scotia or are battle-torn and waiting for the call from Valhalla, you could do much worse than an Ardor pipe. As a matter of fact, we think much worse (ARRRGGHHHHH!) Click on the thumnail to your upper-left to see the full-size image.

MAPS 2007 Ardor Pipe of the YearFEATURE! MAPS 2007 Ardor "Pipe Of The Year" (10/20)
We are pleased to introduce you to this panorama of pipe gents from the Memphis Area Pipe Smokers. From left-to-right are Dennis Lee, George Trent, Neil Arnov, Elliot Abel, Mike Smith, Bill Bagley, and Michael Conner. At a recent meeting they were introduced to their new Ardor Ninfea Urano Roccia silver spigot with amber acrylic mouthpiece. There is nothing like the smile that comes to a pipe smokers face when they are greeted with a brand new Ardor pipe. Pipe power!  Click here or on the image above to view the full-size image.

Joao Reis P&T Magazine CoverNEW! Joao Reis Summer 2007 P&T Article is now online!: (10/18)
So you say that you missed that great article on pipecarver Joao Reis that was published this past summer in Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine? That's okay, because we are reprinting it here online for your reading enjoyment. Now you will get to experience for the first time (if not again) the inspirations, motivations, history, and expectations of one of the pipe industries young, brilliant talents. Read the excellent Stephen Ross article by clicking on this link or on the thumbnail image above.

Little Man thumbnailSAD NEWS... The passing of a Monjure International Icon (1995-2007): (7/08)
We have some very sad news to pass along to you. Over the years you may have become acquainted with a special cat by the name of Little Man. On June 25, 2007 Little Man passed away at the age of twelve. In many ways, Little Man has come to be a spokesman for our company in addition to being a dear pet to us. As all pet owners can attest to at one time or another, the loss of a treasured pet is a deeply saddening experience. Pets are more than just our faithful companions, they are also members of our family. Luckily our memories of Little Man are many and fond. Please take a minute to read more about Little Man by clicking on this link or on the thumbnail above.

John Morrison Ardor DisplayFEATURE! 2006 Chicago Pipe Show Ardor Giant Display: (06/21)
We had a great time once again at the 2006 Chicago Pipe Show. Chicago is a pipe-lover's Utopia, as many pipe enthusiasts from all over the world join together in a celebration of the craft.  One particular pipe collector and connoisseur of Ardor pipes brought his 'Giant' collection to the show for all to see. We were all in amazement and driven to adoration at such a sight. We are happy to show you Mr. John Morrison's esteemed collection and if you didn't get a chance to attend Chicago, see a digital snapshot of it. Click on the thumnail to your upper-left to see the full-size image.

Ardor GiantsFEATURE! They Might Be Giants: (4/11)
Meet Dave Siegel and Stephen Bozler (pictured here at the Trinity East Smoke Shop in Rockville Center, New York). Like the best of smokers in the New York area, these guys enjoy fine tobaccos, good times, and great pipes. That being said, a person in New York or any other state of the union doesn't have to look any farther than the Ardor pipe to find one of the best smoking instruments around. The pipes that these two gentleman are smoking in the picture above are shapes well-known in the Ardor array as the "Saucer".  We will be sure not to leave out the fact that these are big pipes, and I mean biiiiiig. Specifically, they are Ardor Giants and a couple of stunning examples of stellar pipe craftsmanship at that. Like all Ardor pipes, the Roveras use the finest quality aged briar to go with fine detail in every phase of carving. Be sure to click on the thumbnail to the pipes in 3D! Well...it seems like three dimensions anyways!

Cigarette Pouch ImageFEATURE ITEM! The Brebbia Leather Cigarette Tobacco & Paper Pouch: (4/05)

As you may expect, we at Monjure International carry a vast and variegated array of Pipes, Tobaccos, and Pipe Accessories for the Pipe connoisseur. What you may not know is that we have one particular accessory which caters to the Roll-Your-Own Cigarette smokers out there. It is the Brebbia Leather Cigarette Tobacco and Paper Pouch featured above. This particular item is not always easy to find in the US, but we have it in stock. Click here to view details of this item and also other Brebbia Pipe & Tobaco Pouches that we carry.

Ardor TattooFEATURE! The Spirit of the St. Louis Pipe Show: (2/15)
Most of us agree that the Rovera Family of Ardor are incredible pipe carvers. It seems that each and every pipe that comes from their workshop is a work of art. They have gained a loyal following that spans the globe. We are pleased to introduce one of our special Ardor customers, a gentleman by the name of Steve Aikin, who has expressed his passion for Ardor pipes in another artistic way - through the tattoo. That's right, and, when you click on the thumbnail to the upper-left, you will see this intricate and excellent piece of body art close up. It is quite possibly the perfect artistic tribute to the perfect artistic pipe! Enjoy!

NEW! R. L. Will, Ardor, Rinaldo, and Kai Nielsen Articles:  One of the fine gentleman of the pipe industry, Rudiger L. Will was recently featured in a European Cigar Journal article. Click here to read it in full. Also, be sure to read newly posted Pipe & Tobacco articles on Ardor, Rinaldo, and Kai/Jorgen Nielsen HERE!


We will be attending the following events in 2010. On display will be fantastic pipes, wonderful tobaccos and an array of incredible accessories all at discounted prices. For most of the following pipe shows, we will have our hotel room open the night before each event. We hope to see you there and if you have special requests, please let us know.
2/20/10 - St. Louis Pipe Show - Heart Of St. Charles Banquet Center - St. Charles, MO (636-947-8270)
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm  - Admission Free
3/13/10 - New York Pipe Show - Wyndham Garden Hotel - Newark, NJ (973-824-4000)
Hours: 10:00am - 5:00pm - Admission
4/10/10 - Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Pipe & Tobacciana Expo - State Fairgrounds -
Govenor James G. Martin Bldg. - Raleigh, NC - Hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm - Admission
5/1 & 5/2/10 - Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club Show - Pheasant Run Resort -
Mega Center - St. Charles, IL - Hours: 5/1 - 10:00am - 5:00pm & 5/2 - 9:00am - 5:00pm - Admission
(Note: In-Room Pre-Show Pipe Sale - Thursday 4/29 & Friday 4/30 - Check Bulletin Board At Pheasant Run For Times)

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