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Each phase of creating the Brebbia pipe is performed with special respect for hygiene and cleanliness,  as well as the product's quality. All our pipes have mouthpieces with an unbreakable pin. Unique in the world, our pipes with ebonite mouthpieces are fitted with a useful patented accesory called the "smoke-dispersing device". It is applied to the mouthpiece opening and distributes the smoke in a fan, protecting your mouth. Depending on the model filters can be fitted in the hole of the mouthpiece pin.

So what is the Brebbia pipe?

Brebbia is a small and solid pipe company with a great image. It produces quality pipes and pipes for collectors and has great projects for the future in store. Brebbia pipes are undoubtedly among the best to be found on the market. The briar is selected and aged, the mouthpieces have an anatomic shape and favour the passage of the smoke, totally eliminating unpleasant dripping, caused by condensation. Be sure to click on the links below to browse through the images and listings of the pipes. For further information on the history of the Brebbia pipe, check out the Brebbia history.

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