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A Family Tradition

  Meet Kai and Viggo Nielsen. They are a pair synonymous with quality in the art of pipe making. This father and son pair grew up and currently live in Denmark. Viggo, the father, is considered one of the most influential forces in the evolution of the Danish pipe. His use of high grade briar in concert with incredible designs have made his work heavily sought after worldwide. His son, Kai is a chip off the old block. So what defines that special pipe?

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   That special pipe can be defined by several attributes, according to the Nielsen's. First of all you have to have high quality Corsican briar. The briar is then aged over time using the air curing process. This ensures the pipe enthusiast of a high quality smoke. Then, the master art strokes are provided when the piece of briar is taken from concept and design to drilling, carving, and finishing. The result of this labor of love is the creation of the perfect pipe! Of course, individual tastes vary. That is part of the beauty of it. Click on the History link below to read the full article. Also be sure to check out Kai and Viggo's work on the Pipe Images link below.


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